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23 March, 2020

If you do this, dont get stuck in life - Lord Dada bhgwan

Friends, there are many confrontations in your life every day, so what is the solution?  How does a collision stop? How does a collision prevent trouble? The correct explanation is given to dada bhagwan. So guys, let's understand about the collision.

Dadashree says, 'Don't get into any collision, avoid collision.'  If the line gets caught, the joke will go to salvation.  Therefore, dadashree says that if the vehicle of the crossing of the road is the religion of the vehicle or if you get hit, you will die.  Do not clash with anyone.  So practice in such a way but do not get hit. There is always the risk of being hit.

Dadashri gives more examples of 'Avoid collisions', saying that if we walk upright and if the pillars fall in the middle, we have to go again or hit the pillars? If we fall, then we go back, for our happiness. If we get hit, we sound. As dada bhgwan says, in this world some people are like rocks, some are like buffaloes, some are like cows, some are like snakes, some are like pillars, some are folk of all kinds. In it you will not get into a collision.

Dada bhagwan further adds that if a man comes to blows, words are loaded, then we know that there is a collision avoidance.  So we have to move away, it's all collisions.  As you understand it, you will avoid collisions.

Not tolerated, but the solution

Dadashri says avoiding a collision is not meant to be tolerated.  Tolerance and Spring Pressure are the same. How many days will the spring press take? Learn not to tolerate, learn to solve.

It is only our fault that there is a collision

Dada bhagwan says that anything in this world collides, it is your fault, not your fault. So if the wall is hit, then is the wall error or our fault ?. Tell the wall to move, move?  The guilt of the one who is hurt, for the world is like a wall. So for human beings you think it hit me. So you have to understand, not be afraid, like a wall immediately.

Dadashri further adds that when a boy hits a stone and blood runs out, get angry and What do you do when blood falls on a hill and blood is shed? Get angry? No.
What is the reason because the stones are lying on the hillside?  Now that boy is very remorseful or where did this happen to me? That is why dada bhagwan says that one needs to understand.

That is why dada bhagwan says that disagreeing with one another and clashing with one another are both the same thing.  There is no difference between the two.  This wall collides with what it does not see.  And disagreement does not even show that there are differences. No solution is available so there are differences.  What is striking is that we understand that it is the walls.  Then escape. We must follow the law that we do not want to get into a collision.

Friends, you may have realized how we should avoid a collision.  You will find more details about this from

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