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18 March, 2020

Do you want peace in life? So get it this way - dada bhagwan

Friends, we face many difficulties in life and many disappointments. Then we see why there is no peace in life. So friends have given their key to dada bhagwan.  Which is given by Dadashri 'adjust everywhere'. We do not have to 'adjust' in life, so we face difficulties.  So friends know more about how to adjust to life, from Dadashri's mouth.

Dada bhagwan says that if you want peace in life, you have to adopt 'adjust everywhere'.  There will be some obstacles at first but there will be some peace later. If you do not 'adjust' these days, you will get rid of it.  Dadashree further adds that if nothing else comes into the world, it does not matter but must be adjusted.  The largest religion that 'adjust' to each pair.

Deposit Adjustment

Dadashri says that older people stick to the old fashioned. They should be 'adjusted' by the deposit, otherwise you will be beaten and killed. Dadashree further adds that I have to adjust to the thief, the thief cutter all the way. Don't tell the thief that you're wrong. This is true from their 'view point' but let us explain to them that you are stealing, what will happen to you?

So dada bhagwan makes sense to adjust all the way. Older people get angry at something new in the house and interfere with the house when the young people adjust to their age. So dadashree says that it came infinitely and gone infinitely.  Do not interfere with it.

Citing the example of Dadashri Adjustment, he says, 'No one tells us that you are not wise.  So we should adjust it right away, and tell him it wasn't already. Where did you come to find out now?  You know today, but I know from a young age. ' It is not necessary to search again. In this way, everything has to be adjusted.

Adjustment between husband and wife

Dadashri says that if the husband is late in the house for some reason and the wife says' why are you coming so late, do not taunt me 'and whatever the husband says,' Your word is true, if you say, go back, you  If you say, 'Sit down.' Then the wife says, "Don't go back, sleep here." If you say 'eat or not sleep' when the wife says 'no, eat', then dadashree has given a nice key to 'adjust' in this way.

When a questioner asks Dadashri that if we want to eat Gulabjambu, then the wife makes a khichadi, then the dadashree says that we should say 'make what suits you' while the wife says 'you want to make what suits you' then she says 'make gulabjambu.' So dadashree says that if we already say gulabjambu, it will make a khichadi. That is why dadashree teach his wife to adjust to life in such a way.

That is why Dadashri teaches that to be adjusted, we should adjust accordingly if we have to eat and say, 'No, we have to go out today, go to satsang' and we should adjust accordingly. So Dadashri has got to adjust all the way.

That is why Dada bhagwan says to adjust to life all the time, if people do not want to take adjustments in life, people are saying mental, so they should take adjustments all the way.

Dadashri says that the practice is called its name which is 'adjusted'. So the neighbor also says that 'everyone has a quarrel at home but he does not have a quarrel at home'. Anything can be adjusted with simple men, but it should be adjusted even with skeptical men.

So friends,What a wonderful understanding of 'adjusting' to dada bhagwan, which has a lot of benefits in our lives, If you would like to know more, visit

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