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05 March, 2020

God has become in this age too - Lord Dada Bhagwan


  • Friends, you all know that there become God in the Satyuga and there is a God in the Satyug, but in the age of the Kal Yuga it is true.  But friends have become God in this age of light and millions of people worship.  Dada Bhagavan has become a supernatural man who has done for the welfare of salvation for the creatures of today's age. Let us know more about Dada Bhagwan.
Dada bhagwan

    Introduction to Dada Bhagwan
  • Ambalal Muljibhai (AM) Patel was born in Tarsali, Gujarat in India and his father's name was Muljibhai and his mother's name was Zaverba.  Ambalal Raised in the village of  Bhadran. Ambalal credited his mother for his early appreciation of the values ​​of non-violence, empathy, self-indulgence and spiritual penance.  He was also influenced by the writings of Srimad Rajchandra.  He was married to Hiraba and was a contractor business and built a large Jeti.

    How did Dada Bhagavan from AM Patel?

  • Dada Bhagwan's original name is Ambalal Muljibhai Patel, who once waited for a train at Surat railway station in Gujarat, India.  It was evening and it was 1928 and one was sitting.  There was a crowd at the train station.  It suddenly came as a surprise and many people were searching for it.  In an hour, he was seen in the world and all the spiritual questions were answered, from a very young age, the 'Akram Vignan' was revealed to the world as a natural being who had the desire to attain 'Sat'. Sat means indestructible thing. Who runs the world, how the world operates, what is karma, who do we belong to, salvation is the solution to all such questions.  Ambalal Patel's entire ego dissolves and the soul is fully manifest.  And after getting knowledge, Dada used to do satsang abroad.  And in just two hours, the people were enlightened and the suffering of the people was gone.

   Mother taught rites in childhood

  • Dada's mother's name was Zaverba. As a child, Dada entered the values ​​of non-violence, sympathy and nobility.  One day a schoolboy beat up a boy, but his mother taught him to 'beat her up but not kill anyone'.  Zaverba said, "Just think how much that poor boy is suffering from his wounds, and how sad his mother will be!"
    God discovered mathematics in childhood
  • One of his mathematical examples led him to seek God.  "The mathematical miniature was to find the lowest common denominator (the least common denominator) in all the given numbers. That is why they immediately discovered God. These (living beings) are all 'figures'! God is also inseparable and is present in all of them.  It exists as a common indivisible factor. God is in every living being, whether visible or invisible. "
  • Dada refused to wear a ring when he was 12 years old (holy thing on the neck).  And refusing to go to his master with his mother, he told him, "A guru is someone who gives you light. I do not want to wear the ring of someone who cannot give me direct light."  Such were the high cultures from childhood.

   Dada's married life

  • At the age of fifteen he married Hiraba.  Shortly afterwards, Hiraba lost one of his eyes due to infection.  Many years passed and due to a defect in Hiraba people were asking Ambalal to remarry because they had no children.  Ambalal was very clear in his reply: "No! I have vowed to take care of him in the presence of the sacred fire! I will keep that promise till my last breath. Even if both their eyes are lost I will take care of them!"  Such was his deep understanding.  And for the whole of his life he had never quarreled or disputed with Hiraba.
  • Dada lived a very simple life.Despite running a successful business, they used to earn as much dada as they could get in a job!  And the rest of the money was used only for the welfare of the people and told his business partner that he was free to make a profit for the daughter's wedding expenses and his other needs.  He used to take people on pilgrims at his own expense. He never took a single penny from anyone for his personal use.
   Life after Gyan (knowledge)
  • Dada never lived in the world, not even for a moment, and lived for the welfare of the people of the world.
  • And Dada's strong desire that the happiness I had had be found all over the world. Dadapa used to hold satsangs at village,city and aboard and make people feel soul. Dada's Satsang always answered questions as a way to settle questions of the people living in them. Dada was dead in 1988
  • So Friends, Dada Bhagwan appeared to you for this time.  You can find more information about Dada Bhagwan at

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