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11 March, 2020

Who are you really ? Your name is not you - DADA BHAGWAN

  'Who am i'

  • Friends, this is your name, is it really you or is there some other form?  All of you will be treated as if this is my name and I am.  No you really are any other form.  So who are you really?  If it has been given to the Lord Dada Bhagwan, then let us know what the Dada Bhagwan says.

  • Dadashree says if Chandulal is your name then who are you?  Your name and the two of you are different.  Who are you if you are separated from your name?  Dada gives more examples saying that if I say this in my glasses then you should say different with glasses. Dadashree gives even more examples by saying that if the name of the shop is General Traders, then say, General Traders come here?  Shop owners are different inside.  So the name of the shop is different and the owner is different.  But in this, I say that I am Chandulal, so I and I also own the shop.
  • So Dadashree says you are not Chandulal.  From Relative View Point you are Chandulal and from Real View Point you are "Soul".
  • "I am Chandulal" is the belief, the ego is in the sleep but that belief does not go away.  This is the incarnation to know 'who is Himself', that is, the incarnation of human beings is the reason that if you do not examine 'who is Himself' then you wander.
Experiment with separation of Dada Bhagwan's 'I and MY'

  • Dada asks the questioner what things come in MY?  The questioner says my house, my wife, my boys, my watch.
  • Dada says, 'My head, my feet, my body, my ears, my eyes'.  Who am I to say these things when I say these things to you?  Don't think so?  Say 'My Name is Chandulal' and then say 'I am Chandulal.
  • So Dada says 'I With My' his name is jivatma. Jivatma(Man) Dasha, 'I am and this is all mine'.  Paramatma(God) Dasha is called 'I am not mine'.  So there is no salvation by taking 'MY'.  'MY' gets released if I know who I am.  'MY' If released then everything is loose.

Sharpening of body and soul : Gnan Vidhi

  • Dada says that the Gnan Vidhi is the separation of body and soul.  Sharpening of both the Pure Soul and the Pudgal (body).  There is a two-hour experiment of realizing who I am, forty-eight minutes in which separate sentences of soul and spirit are spoken, and they are to be spoken everywhere, followed by an hour of 'five commandments', which is explained in detail, in the next life.  Passing the way so that the new karma is not formed, the old karma is fulfilled and at the same time the focus of 'I Pure Soul' remains.
  • Dada says that the soul is experienced and the dehadhyas (in the body) are released.  Dehadhyas left and karma stuck and stopped.
  • See, Friends, Dada Bhagwan has explained in detail 'who I am'. You will find more information at

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