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16 February, 2020

Connor williams - become great footballer out of a joke

  • Connor Williams is one of the brightest guys in the football world, very few people know about Connor Williams.  But today I want to tell you about the importance of his life, which, by watching and reading, will make your heart melt.
  • Connor Williams was born on May 12, 1997, and has written many stories of his life through his letters.
  • Connor williams came forward, facing the joke which has shinning star of the football word. His stories displayed in a letter which below this.

    "Dear friends who joked me
     Thank you
No, this is not sarcasm. I do not have any hatred or intentions of revenge for you. I am really grateful to you. I might not have reached the stage, without your harrasment.
From a young age i had difficulty in speaking so i didn't like to speak. I was scared to give a presentation as i feared that people would make fun of me. You did not miss any chance of joking me. To top it all i was very chubby. You used every word that was possible to joke about my weight. Sometimes i felt like spending time with you. Often i had asked if i could be a part of activities you were doing, but you never included me. You have no idea how my heart used to break. You always left me to be on my own completely alone.
I do not a remember a single day that i did not cry when returning home from school. Every night i used to pray that either i change or your attitude towards me change.
Do you know how destructive rejection and lonelineless can be? I would not have gone through that tough time without the love and security of my parents."
  • I said my father," i do not want to be like this, i want to be change" then his father made routine for carron and he had  sincelery follow this. So not a change his body either his conffident. So he never looked back.
  • He was select in football team and got offer scholership from famous universities.
  • The jokely that you inflicted on me in fact. He also said that he would not have reached the peak of success that i am at right now.
  • Connor hope that you have learnt about the hazards of joking others as much as i have learnt by being subject of jokely.
  • So apparently friends, Conor Williams, through his letter, faced many difficulties, yet he never dared anybody.  Conor Williams was constantly thinking about how to deal with problems day and night and slowly he came forward.  And they could influence the world.
  • Connor Williams has shown him many emotions through his letter, which is really heartbreaking and that makes any person melt, Connor Williams' letter also teaches us a lot.  That's why Connor Williams is the shining star of the American world today.
  • So friends like you are always witnessing such events occurring in your life, so learn a lot from Connor Williams' letter.