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01 February, 2020

Know the specialty of Shri Vaibhavagiri mountain

This ancient mountain is located in Nalanda district of Bihar state.

  • Friends Today we are going to talk about Vaibhavgiri mountain, one of the five sacred mountains of Jains wherever many people have become Nirvana and from there, the first Guru Shri Gautam Swami of Tirthankar Lord Mahavir Swami is also coming soon, so the importance of this mountain is greatly increased.  There are magnificent temples and also the magnificent temple of Shri Gautam Swami.  So it is a pleasure to reach the mountain of luxury.  So friends today we have come to know about this holy mountain.  So that you too can get good information by getting this information.  And his climate is just as beautiful.
  • Many great men have been sold on this mountain of luxury and many have gone to salvation, which is why this mountain is of great importance.  So let's know more about the mountain of luxury.
  • The Rajgir Mountains, also known as "Rajghara" hills, are located near the city of Rajgir in the central region of Bihar, India.  Surrounding it are five hills called Ratnagiri, Vipalachal, Vaighagiri, Songiri and Udayagiri.  It is an important Buddhist, Hindu and Jain pilgrimage site
  •  The hills rise to a height of 388 meters, but most of the hills are about 300 meters high.  The period between Mahabharata, Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, Maurya and Gupta is of historical importance between these two edges.  The mountains are sacred to both Buddhists and Jains because of their association with the respective founders of religions, historical Gautam Buddha and Mahavira.  Therefore, the mountains are often becoming a religious pilgrimage place for Jains and Hindus alike.  Many tourist destinations are spread around the Rajgir hill.
Gautam swami temple

Vaibhavgiri mountain
  • Lord Mahaveer was 14 years old in this holy land after Kewal Gyan, then this city knew to go from Rajgiri.
  • In this holy land, Lord Mahavira had many enlightened souls such as the hierarchical king (the first 24 Tirthankara Sri Padmanabha Bhagwan) tied the Tirthankar gotra.
  • Even today, this mountain is so special that you get blessed by going to this mountain.
  •  Many souls like Dhannasheth, Prasannachandra Rajshree, Jambu Swami, 11 Ganadhars of Lord Mahavira have gone to Salvation ( nirvana )of Pam from here.
  • Friends did you enjoy knowing about this vaibhavgiri mountain?  Therefore, this luxury mountain visits many times every year and no one has any difficulty in climbing this vaibhavgiri mountain.  The beautiful shrub surrounding it makes this sacred mountain very attractive.  So the Jains visit this vaibhavgiri mountain in particular and may come with other religions and the Vaibhavargiri also climb the mountain and feel blessed by seeing God.  The importance of the mountain of luxury is greatly enhanced by the fact that there are so many short stays.
  • On Mount Vaibhavgiri, people from many tunkos of the country come and visit all the temples and the temples there are also beautiful. The climbing paths are also very good so there is no problem.You, too, should visit the mountain of luxury once.That is why this mountain is very important.

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