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01 February, 2020

You must climb this peak once in life - sammed shikharji

  • Friends Today we will talk about the holy place of Jains from where many tirthankars have gone to salvation and people come to visit this holy mountain every year and feel blessed.  So friends is the name of the mountain Summit peak where Jains, Hindus and many others come to visit.  The importance of this summit peak is that people are very blessed to see God and the hills and hills are filled with great joy.  So let's know more about the friends sammit shikhar.
  • Sammet Shikhar and Shatrujayan are the most famous of all Jain-pilgrimage sites in India.  Shatranjay Yatra is on the top of a mountain in western India and the sammet is in eastern India. When only one auspicious occasion of a tirthankar can turn a place into a shrine, it will be impossible for human intelligence to assess the sanctity and power of the shrine where as many as twenty pilgrims have revealed the inexhaustible light of 'Nirvana'.  Although the first light of 'Nirvana' was illuminated in the Ashtapada Tirtha (in the Himalayas), today the shrine is invisible to us.  Under such circumstances the summit is a pilgrimage which we may consider as the 'summit' (sammet shikhar) of the first light of 'Nirvana'.  At present, the truth is that the summit peak is the peak light of 'Nirvana' and is a very important pilgrimage. And many people travel to the summit summit.
  • Shikharji is an important pilgrimage place for the followers of Jainism. Parasnath mountain is world famous. Every year millions of Jain religious people come here, along with other tourists to visit Parasnath.  For those who believe in Jainism, Samad Shikhar is a major pilgrimage site.  It is considered to be the best of the Jain pilgrimages.  According to Jain Shastras, twenty of the twenty four tirthnkars of Jainism and many saints and munis have attained liberation here.  Hence, it is called 'Siddhakshetra' and in Jainism it is called Tirtharaj, meaning 'King of Tirtha'.  The shrine is located in Madhuban area in Giridih district of Jharkhand, India.  It is the main pilgrimage of Jainism.  It is also known as 'Parasnath Mountain' and is only twenty-four kilometers from Parasnath railway station.In the state of Jarakhand, the holy mountain Shri Sammeed shikhar has come.
  •  Sammed shikharji has a lot of ancient and religious significance, it is about 24 kilometers from Parasnath railway station, this mountain is calm and delightful.

  • Jaino is very much a religious mountain, one of the five pilgrimages, at an altitude of about 4500 feet near Madhuban Gam.
  •  This is how 20 tirthankars of the last chowis, how many tirthankaras of Purve chowseesam, sadhus community and infinity people have become nirvana from this holy land.
  •  There is Parshvanath Prabhu, Chandraprabhu and many other tunks here and everyone gets blessed by seeing it, there are many temples in this table too, it is also worth visiting.
  •  There is a temple of Shri Bhomiyadev in the basement of the village, who is the protector of this mountain, it is necessary to climb the mountain only after seeing Shri Bhomiyadev, you can also go through the doli to climb the mountain, this mountain is full of forest trees and its  The wind and beauty add to the moon, this mountain is calm and delightful.

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