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13 February, 2020

Do you know napoleon bonaparte childhood?

    • Friends Today we will talk about Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the greatest in history.  But being such a high status person, he had a lot of generosity.  And how Napoleon Bonaparte's childhood was today, we will talk about the events in his life.
    • Napoleon's parents were members of the younger Corsican nobles, though the family was not rich.  Educated at the French Military Academy, in which he participated on a scholarship, Napoleon was weaker than his classmates who came from wealthy, well-connected families.  Having grown up in Corsica, Napoleon's first language was not French but Italian, and he was victimized for accusing him of sounding like a farmer.
    • Napoleon bonaparte became great man in the history. When napoleon was 9 years old, he was playing the game of catching butterflies. They crossed the wall of catching butterflies. A girl was selling an eggs in basket. Napoleon'sister bumped into her and a girl' egg was break into basket. A girl was crying. Napoleon was give 2 florins to her, but she was crying and said,." What can i do with 2 florins, my mother is very ill."
    • Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, 1769, in Ajaccio, on the Mediterranean island of Corsica.  Napoleon was the second of eight children.  His parents were members of the younger Corsican nobles, though the family was not wealthy.

    • Napoleon and his sister took a girl to their home. Napoleon' sister said all matter and also said that she was fell an eggs. Napoleon' mother didn' like this. Napoleon said to his mother," can you please lend me 2 frenks?"
    • Mother laughly said," ok but i will not give you any snacks for next 4 month." Napoleon said,"i accept."
    • Napoleon and his mother and sister went to her house. The girl's mother was very ill on bed so on the spot, napoleon' mother to help that girl's mother and she had arrangment of all medicines. This was greatness of napoleon's mother.
    • French and the english were fighting on that time. English people were  impresoned by the french army. One of the soldiers caught on cross the sea and brought to napoleon.
    • The soldier said,"my mother was very ill, i want to see his mouth on last time, so i want to crossed the sea."
    • Napoleon remembered his mother and said that he forgive to his punishment and all arragement to meet the soldier' mother and reached very well to home.
    • This matter was proov that napoleon was a great man in life.
    • So friends, Napoleon Bonaparte used to have many instincts in his childhood, and his mother taught him higher values.  Which proved to be useful in his life.
    • Friends Napoleon Bonaparte did many important things in life and conquered many empires.  Because of Napoleon Bonaparte's noble work and the high cultures from his childhood, he made many progresses in his life and was able to advance many times, which is why Napoleon Bonaparte's excellent work will keep him remembered for many years.

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