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08 February, 2020

The memory power of this boy had really wonderfull

Two friends

  • Friends, today we will talk about two friends who have been in Satyug.  Today, we will talk about how we have adjusted to all the problems in our lives and childhood and how we used their memory.  Friends This event is made true in the age of Sat. You too will enjoy reading this story.  So let's talk about this.
  • In earlier times there were no schools or colleges. So the students studied in gurukul where gurukul was such that shishy studied with guru.
  • Chandangadh's king and their minister' son sent gurukul for study. Vijay named of chandangadh' king. But prince vijay had difficulty to live in gurukul because he lived very nicely in rajmahal. But a minister's son saumitra accepted this new way of life. Prince asked saumitra," have you no feel difficulty in here?". Saumitra quitly said, " this difficulty was nothing in front of knowledge.
  • Prince did not sleep at night but saumita had studied at midnight, prince thought that there is no reach to classroom and punish me. And prince very hardly to reached in classoom but one student reached late in classroom. So guruji punished all classroom. Prince said that all class had punished instead of one should be punished, What law would there be?. Prince felt terrible, but saumita said that theire aim would be to improve.
  • Once time guru called both. Prince was appalled and such felt that were they complain to my father?. Guru said that both of you had going to yagn of somdatt brahman. Both answered in yeas. Prince felt relief. So both reached in yagn. Somdatt was doing with mantra, suddenly somdatt was an interription and difficulty to spoke mantrs. The people of town said that these mantra except somdutt couldn't possible. Saumitra said to prince slowly voice that we had learnt these mantra. Prince said." Where learnt?" Before speak anything saumitra started mantrs and finished it. Somdutt was also fell good. And congratulate them.
  • On the way back, the stones fell from the mountain and closed the way. Prince scared and said that how to go now. Saumitra closed eye and remember map of this way. But prince said that there was no time of doing think. On the map, they had return good well. All experienced shared to guru. 
  • Guru blessed saumitra. Now their studed was an end and  called to collect their sons.
  • Chandangadh' king had come. Guru said that prince was brave but hasn't memorizing power and somdutt has it so they will work to become complementary to each other. King was joyfull and many fift gave to gurukul.
  • So friends, the prince and his friend Saumitra adjust to each other.  No matter what the problem may be, Saumitra always remained steadfast and full of confidence.  And the prince also turned from negative to positive.  And that is why the Prince and Saumitra mutually share each other.  Saumitra taught humility to the Guru and Saumitra used his memory systematically. So this is mentioned in the Jain Shastra

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