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11 February, 2020

Marie qurie had greatest woman in history

  • Friends Today we will talk about a woman who was a very intelligent person in her childhood and went through many difficulties. Her name is Mary Currie.  Yes friends Marie Curie has become one of the greatest people in history and has received many awards.

Marie qurie had interested in science the most and so ahead and excellent example in science.

Marie qurie
  • Marie qurie was born in warsaw, poland on the 7th november. Her parents taught mathematics and physics in school and also her parants excellent teacher. They were director in schoool. Due to surrounding of home, marrie was more interest in science.
  • Marie's elder brother and sister was also intelligent but marrie was more clever. Once time, marrie's elder sister had difficulty to read and just 4 year old marrie picked up book and very quickly to read.
  • Marie had so much concentration power when parents taught her brother and sister, she also learnt. Just 4 year marrie had read to russion and french language.
  •  Teachers and friends was impressed on marie's amazing memory and understanding. One day in school, marrie liked a poem from the boy. She want to copy of poem. The boy said jokingly, " if you have memory power wonderfull, write it yourself  remembering it." And marrie really wrote down it.
  • On that time in poland women were not all allowed to study higher but marrie was learnt after facing more difficulties.
  • When the First World War began in 1914, Curie devoted his time and resources to helping with this purpose.  She championed the use of portable X-ray machines in the field, and these medical vehicles earned the nickname "Little Carriage." After the war, Currie used her celebrity to further her research.  He traveled to the United States twice in 1921 and 1929 to raise money for the purchase of radium and to establish a radium research institute in Warsaw.
  • Marie's goal in life was to be scientific reaserch. A few number recieved two nobel prize but marrie qurie was recieved two nobel prize in different subjects.
  • Marie Currie's work is reflected in the numerous awards she has given.  She received law degrees and honorary membership of the scholarly society around the world.  Along with her husband, she was honored in the second half of the prize for the study of spontaneous radiation discovered by Beckerle, in 1903, with her husband, the Davey Medal of the Royal Society, and in 1921, President Harding of the United States, in recognition of her service to American women.  He also introduced one gram of radium.
  • Marie Currie made a lot of progress in her lifetime.  Famous as a leading woman and a role model for women, Marie Curie has earned numerous posthumous honors.  Some academic and research institutes and medical centers have the name Curie, which includes the Curie Institute and Pierre and Marrie Currie University (UPMC).
  • Friends Marie Currie was an extraordinary woman. He did many noble deeds in his lifetime. And Marie Curie's interest in science as a child came to the fore.  Although women were not given higher education at the time, Mary Currie faced many hardships. That is why Marrie Currie will be remembered in history.

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