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07 February, 2020

Do you know this about Jesus christ ?

  • Friends, who does not know the Lord jesus Christ?  Which turned out to be really great. You must have read a lot about Lord jesus christ and heard many things. But today, friends, I want to tell you something that happened in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ that you may or may not have read or heard.  We also have much to learn from the words of Lord Jesus Christ .Let us know the true truth of Lord jesus Christ in their life.
  • The birth of Jesus Christ was around 6 B.C.  Born in Bethlehem, according to Christians, Jesus is considered an incarnation of God and his teachings are followed by example in leading a more spiritual life.
  • The history of Christian reflection on the teachings and nature of lord Jesus christ is examined in the article christology.
  • Friends There are many sayings of lord jesus Christ in the Bible, let us talk about a true event today which is as follows:
  • Once a crowd of people kicked and joged a woman and brought her to the Lord Jesus.  There are also priests. A woman woke up with an open hair in both hands and her mouth was hidden to the Lord Jesus.
Lord jesus christ
  • They said, "his woman has been caught committing adultery, According to the Musa Act, they should be punished for stoning, Do you have anything to say about this? "
  • Jesus sat with his mouth facing the ground as if he had not heard anything. But people wanted answer from ishu, At the very insistence, he raised his mouth slightly and spoke that this woman have sinned, correct that, You talk about throwing stones and killing them, i also heared it and Now you tell me, "for those of you who have not sinned with the mind, throw the first stone, do start."
  • By saying so, Ishu lowered head to draw something on the ground.  After a few moments, the Ishu raises its head and crowed of people disappears. That woman had still standing.
  • Lord ishu said to woman, " where are the crowed, No one has thrown her a stone !."
  • A woman said. " No lord ishu, no one." Jesus said with compassion that I do not punish you, even after you are at your house and don't do again sin. "
  • Thus did the Lord Jesus to the people, "Explained to see one's own guilt before seeing the guilt of others."
  • Friends tell from the occasion how compassionate Lord jesus Christ is! Lord jesus christ has always shown compassion for all humans.  People have never been mistaken.Lord jesus christ has always given people the true way.That is why we are likewise compassionate, whatever the occasion may be in life, which is to be learned from Lord jesus Christ. That is why people all over the world worship Lord jesus Christ, and even today lord jesus christ is showing people the right way. By obeying the command of lord jesus Christ, the lives of many people are beginning to enjoy.


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