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05 February, 2020

The body was cut off but the soul could not be cut

  • Friends today, we will talk about the Muni MadanBrahm that has happened in Jain history.  Who had the simplicity of suffering many difficulties and becoming a prince.  People will know very little about Madan Brahm.  But how did he really come out with patience and penance and his body was cut off but his soul was not cut.  Madanbrahm Muni went to Moksha by doing so many Tapas. So let's be ready friends and talk about MadanBrahm Muni today.  So let's shed some light on Madanbrahm Muni.
  • In satyug, there was town called pratishthapur and there king was Makardhvaj and his queen's name Madansena. Their son was Madanbrahm.
Jain muni
  • Madanbrahm was looking very nice in youth. Over time, The king had married Madanbrahm to 32 princess. Madanbrahm lived happily with their 32 princess.
  • One day, the mahamuni came in the garden near mahel.On receiveing the news, Madanbrahm and his 32 wifes went to see (darshan) of muniraj. Madanbrahm was very happyfull to see muniraj.
  • Madanbrahm decided to get dixa, and request to parents for dixa and sad mind gave permission to his son for diksha.Madanbrahm was now become madanmuni.
  • Madanmuni went to walk for gochari(food). Madanmuni went to towards haveli and want gochari to them but shethani impressed towards muni and want to get become husband. Muni didan't accept this. And went out from haveli. On recieveng news,raja kicked out shethani  and took haveli. 
  • Muni walking into kanchanpur and by the way there was a mahal, the king and his wife talking to eachother, suddenly they saw muni, but his wife cryed to see muni. The king didn't like this and  sent the soldiers to kill and the king struck him with a sharp sword. At that time Muni happened kevalgnan and went to Moksha. 
  • A kite grabbed a bunch of meat of muni's body and flyed among the sky but A piece of meat fell from the beak and put down in mahel, and his wife saw it and very cried. The king was asked why are you crying, his wife said that you killed my brother. Raja socked and his wife left word (sansar) and took diksha. The king was also greatly regretted.
  • Friends From this story we get an understanding of how Madanbrahm Muni had patience and patience.  Without distracting himself and seeing no fault of the king, Madanbrahm Muni was immediately acquainted.  Madanbrahm Muni's samata was truly wonderful.  That is why Madanbrahm Muni is particularly mentioned in Jain history. So from the story of friends Madanbrahm, the motto comes out that Madanbrahm Muni kept a lot of knowledge in his knowledge. Which motivates us to learn their virtues too. Even though he was a prince, he went to salvation by living like a monk.
  • Madanbrahm Muni's samata was truly wonderful.  From their quality of life, it is necessary to bring such qualities in our life and it is important to keep that goal in mind so that we too can face difficulties if there are any problems in our life.  So that life moves on nicely.

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