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06 February, 2020

This monk had become a great monk

  • Magadh was a develop state in bihar in satyug, their king was Dhannand and his wife named devi sunanda,The king was an expert music and dance and also his wife. Everything was handled by his mahamantri shaktal.
Sthulibhdra muni
  • Shaktal had 7 daughter and 2 son named sthulibhadra and shriyak. Sthulibhadra was clever, religious and looking handsome in youth.
  • Devi sunanda' daughter Rupkosha was also expert in dancing. Kosha was very beautiful in youth. Once in the palace, a big dance was planned. Rupkosha was their dancing and sthulibhadra and his friend also reached to see dance. Sthulibhadra was impressed to see devkosha and meet again rupkosha. Rupkosha also fell in love but rupkosha was a dancer and sthulibhadra was a brahman. So Sthulibhadra's parents didn't like this but sthulibhadra was in love so he left his home and lived with kosha.
  • The passing of time Shaktal died. On recieveing this news, sthulibhadra was shocked and he lived with kosha since 18 years. He reliesed that i put in water 18 years in youth because of only her beauty and i am still not satisfied. So he decided dixa and left kosha.
  • He reached aachary (principal) sambhutivijay and apologize for this. Now sthulibhadra muni had deep down in religion for soul.
  • The monsoon season begins. Munies had to live in religion in monsoon season but Sthulibhadra muni and other 3 muni some different thought so they want permission from aachary and gave permission. 1 muni choosed lions cave, 2nd muni near rate of snake, 3rd muni near edge of the well and stulibhadra selecleted kosha's haveli.
  • Kosha didn't imagine that stulibhadra will come and seen. Kosha had again dancing for get him and many tryies but this time sthulibhadra was strong and firm. And last kosha also lived shravika life.
  • All muni went to aachary and experienced them. Aachary was very joyfull with sthulibhadra. But 3 muni became jealous and think that they lived more facilities. So one muni decided that he lived kosha's haveli in coning monsoon season.
  • Muni reached kosha's haveli. Now kosha lived very simple life but muni fell in love to see kosha. To get back in the way of muni she put condition and said that Bring the silk cloth about 250 miles away from Nepal. So Walking on foot, counting the problems, they brought silk cloth and gave her. Kosha wiped his hands, feet and mouth and threw it in the mud. Muni shocked and said that after suffering a lot of trouble, I brought the cloth for you and threw it away in an instant. Kosha said that you too are losing your sanity in a moment by doing penance. Muni relised and apilogize her. And muni reached aachary and apologize. So kamvijeta muni sthulibhadra will remain 84 chovisi.
  • Now sthulibhadra muni  became aachary. A way of time passed, there was a draught. There was no books on that time so muni remember in heart all shashtro. Achary and his shishy was going to nepal and meditation there. And sthulibhadra and other muni stayed in patliputra. Sthulibhadra had ready 11 aagam from 12th. But any muni couldn't remember 12th aagam and his 14 parts. Only aachary bhadrabahu had knowledge this. So sthulibhadra reached their. And learnt 12th aagam. So jain religion will always remember sthulibhadra for this aagam.