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29 February, 2020

You will be amazed at the view of the garden by the bay

         Garden by the bay

  • Friends, today I want to show you a garden that is very popular in the world and visitors are increasing daily and the attraction is so much that you would love to see it. Garden by the bay is famous all over the word and it is located in Singapore.
  • In the garden by the bay - full of signature festivals, concerts and movie screenings, sports and community events and educational workshops and school events - the parks attract the most visitors.  You can imagine how beautiful it would be to have more than 50 million visitors to date.  The 101 hectare comprises three separate spaces including two South Gardens, two East Gardens and two Central Gardens.  Garden by the bay has a man-made structure made of concrete and steel frame that includes more than 200 species of plants.  Garden by the bay places Singapore on the international map.  Garden by the bay has won numerous awards.  Flower Dome and Cloud Forest have a great visitor attraction in Garden by the Bay.

            Flower Dome

  •  Inside the flower dome, ever-changing floral displays, including crowd favorites like Tulipmania, Orchid Extravaganza, and Blossom Beats, add a lot of beauty.  Flower Dome has Mediterranean and semi-arid tropical climates that surprise on olive trees, date palms and baobabs with their thick, water-storing trunks.  Meanwhile, Central Flower Field facilitates changing the display of peacocks developed along the season and in 2015 broke the Guinness World Record as the world's largest glass greenhouse.  It is home to five continents of plants and flowers, ranging from a thousand-year-old olive tree to magnolias.

            Cloud Forest

  • Cloud Forest is a landscape full of rare vegetation and dramatic vistas.  Cloud Forest will feature three new enhancements - Secret Garden, Cloud Forest Gallery and Cloud Forest Theater - with a total of nine features in Cloud Forest, including a temperate climate, typically between 1,700m and 500,500m above sea level.  Develops over 3 delicate ferns, carnivorous wheat plants and moisture-loving varieties such as orchids and more than 135 in the basement's Secret Garden  Rajatio and haibrina environment is home to more than 7,000 plant species endangered or near extinction are terrific. Inside cloud forest you will find a man-made vegetation cover of vegetation and a 35-meter-high roller coaster covered by the world's tallest indoor waterfall, and some of the herbs grow in Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia, and other parts of South America and Africa.

            Supertree Grove 

  • It is a garden where you can find several tree-like structures 25 to 50 meters high.  During the day, they provide shade, and at night they come alive with light and sound.

            Marina Bay 

  • It is located in front of the garden.  The magnificent bay of Singapore will captivate you and its aroma is awe-inspiring.
  • Garden by the bay is a nightly adventure and this garden by the bay looks so beautiful with full light.
  • So, you see, friends, it can be estimated that the Garden of the Bay is so enjoyable, you also need to visit the Garden of the Bay.

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