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01 February, 2020

Stupa of peace means Buddhastupa

Buddha stupa has come up on Shri Ratnagiri mountain in Rajgir in Nalanda district of Bihar

  • Friends today we are going to talk about the stupas of Lord Buddha.  There are many stupas of Lord Buddha and all the stupas are worth seeing, but today friends are going to talk to you about the stupas of Lord Buddha in Rajgir, Bihar, India.  Lord Buddha has spent a lot of time in Rajgir, so the importance of the stupa in Rajgir is very important and every year, people visit the Buddha stupa and also the center of attraction for foreign tourists.  So this Buddha Stupa is really spectacular and the structure of the stoves is also tremendous.  So let us know about this Buddha stupa, friends.
Buddha stupa
  • There is a ropeway which helps the tourists reach the Vishwa Shanti Stupa atop Ratnagiri Hill at an altitude of 400 m above the sea level. The 2,200-foot-long ropeway, which is maintained by the Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC), was presented to the State by Fujji Guruji as the symbol of Indo-Japanese friendship.
  • Built completely with marble, the stupa comprises four golden statues of Lord Buddha with each representing his life periods of birth, enlightenment, preaching and death. The other way to reach this “stupa” is a serpentine staircase. 
  • Rajgir was the ancient capital city of the kings of Magadha. The name Rajgir literally means "House of the King". Rajgir pilgrimage is a very important Buddhist site since Lord Buddha spent 12 years over here and also preached two sermons. The first Buddhist Council, after the attainment of Nirvana by Buddha, was hosted over here in the Saptaparni caves. Buddha's favorite retreat was at the Jivkamaravana monastery located amidst scenic thickets. The Rajgir Buddhist pilgrimage is one of the most visited sites in India and has many structures built in the Buddhist architectural style

  • The first Buddhist Council, immediately after the Mahaparinirvana of Lord Buddha, was convened at this place which is presently called Rajgir.  It was at the Gridhakuta, the hill of the vultures, where Buddha made Mauryan king Bimbisara converted to Buddhism.
  • Barely 14 km from Nalanda, the picturesque Rajgir is also known as Panchpahari as it is surrounded by five holy hills.  The lush green forest cover adds to its scenic beauty.  Here were two rock-cut caves of the favored retreats of the Buddha and it was on this hill that he preached two of his most famous sermons after attaining enlightenment.
  • This Ratnagiri mountain has religious significance, Lord Mahavir has also visited this mountain, earlier it was known from the Rajgira.
  • Lord Buddha had done many years of meditation here, Buddha God had preached in this Rajgir itself and this preaching was prevalent in the country and abroad, people also come here, they also have the facility to go to the mountain.  Many tourists come to see the stupa.
  • Friends Do you really enjoy learning about this Buddha stupa?  You may also have been curious to see about this Buddha stupa.  Friends should visit the Buddha Stupa in Rajgir.

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