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01 February, 2020

Samavasaran of Lord Mahavir

  Lord Mahavir's last visit was in Pavpuri
  Which is in today's Bihar state
  • Samavasaran means that everyone used to come to listen to the Lord's teachings, in which kings, monks - sadhvios, pandits, Brahmins, many animals also came like these.
  •  Gods used to do samavasaran, God appeared to all people in front of his eyes and used to do it in full rounds and God used to sit in the middle.
Pavapuri samavasaran
  • In this holy land of Pavpuri, God had given the last 72 hours of his life unbroken.
  •  As a reminder of this, the beautiful Samovasaran temple has been built in Gam, and it is close to the Jalamandir, the second story of his life was given by God in this village which was taken by Gautama Swami like 11 Ganadhars, other 4444 Pandits,  Many people like Chandanbala had attained salvation by adopting deeksha. 

    Know more samvasaran

  • A place where all the wonders of the world can be seen together in honor of the supreme virtue of God.  But come on ... where all creatures forget their revenge ... wherever they come, they don't mind going to the sanctum sanctorum!  It is a sacred place of peace and refuge ... gravestone with the knowledge, the gods of heaven!  Those who have the utmost devotion to God are willing to sacrifice their hearts at the feet of God.  The place where Paramatma sits is one of the best in the world.  Those who are ignorant are attracted to this kind of attraction, come to the concourse, see God, hear the voice of God and receive true knowledge, practice religion and welfare of the soul. 

     Why samavasaran is required

  •  When God receives only kevalgyan, the gods of Devlok form the equation in less than 48 minutes.
  • King Indra, first of all, knows that kevalgyan has appeared to tirthankar Parmatma.  His throne goes on as soon as the Divine knowledge is revealed.  Indra knows with his astrology that kevalgyan has appeared on the earth when he comes to God, and immediately he comes near to God and praises him with his bow.  They ring bells in other devs and declare that God has received only kevalgyan.
    When is the composition of the samvasaran?
  • In the region where Paramatma sits, the equilibrium is created in the northeast direction, as positive energy flows in the northeast direction.When kevalgyan is revealed to God ... The light goes on in full lock.The gods of the gods experience a distinct joy amidst unparalleled happiness.Every creature in the world experiences happiness and peace.The creatures of hell also experience happiness for a moment
    Who created the samvasaran?
  •  Samvasaran are designed by the Devs.  Its beauty is indescribable and incredible.  The deities have a number of different disciplines that they use to create the best of the best and the best of all.  All deities have the utmost devotion to God.  They offer their price to God, their service to them at a pure price.
  • By the order of Indra, the Vayukumar Devas are formed by the convex gases from where they want to form a samvasaran (in the field of planning, 1 yojan - 4 Gao).  1 Gao - Kilometer.  Therefore, planning for 1 yojan means clearing an area of ​​12 km, removing gravel, grass etc. and strengthening the soil.
  • In the region where Paramatma sits, the equilibrium is created in the northeast direction, as positive energy flows in the northeast direction.When kevalgyan is revealed to God ...The light goes on in full lock. The Devsok experience a distinct joy amidst unparalleled happiness
  • Every creature in the world experiences happiness and peace. The creatures of hell also experience happiness for a moment. Megakumar deva (rainy god) creates clouds and rains aromatic water ... Individual deities build ground (build basement) from golden gemstone.  The goddess of the seasons Goddess knees rays of unconscious wreaths ... Her beauty is indescribable and incomparable because of the making of the concave deities.The gods have many knowledge.  There is a degree to which they create the best, best congruence of the best
     Samvasaran for devotion and power
  • Upon arrival at Paramatma Samvasaran, 'Namo Tithas' is spoken on the throne, facing east on the third fort.
  •  After giving the land, Paramatma rests in another fortress, the god-room created by the Vyantra Deva.
  • Gods, apart from the direction in which God exists, installs 3 replicas of Godhead in each of the 3 directions so that God appears in all directions.
     How look samavasaran
  •  The first stronghold forms the deities of the Bhavanpati devas. Which are of silver and have gold bracelets.The area where the planes of the gods, the chariots of kings, elephants, horses, etc. hold the vehicles, the parking zone is the first fortress.
  •  Another fortress is made of astrological devas. Which is gold and has gems in it.
  • Terrestrial creatures, such as goats, lions, snakes, fowls, all hear the venom of the Lord, sitting side by side, forgetting each other's poison.
  •  The third stronghold forms the vaimanik devas. Which are of gems and of jewels.
  •  In which the monk, the nun, the auditorium, the saints, the human beings, the human beings, the astrologers, etc., sit in the third stronghold to hear the Lord's land.
     Understand retardation
  • Some deities remain in the service of the Lord by Indra's command.  They are counted as servants of the Lord.  The person who brings the person to the Lord is called Pratihara, the gatekeeper.  People attending the Lord's service are fascinated to see the wonderful wonders that bring the creatures of the world to the Lord.
  •  It is called retardation for reaching the Lord of the world through it.  The Ashoka tree, etc., depicts devotion to the deities.
  •  1)  Ashoka Tree: Gives a cool shade.  Spreads as much cold as it seems to have AC.  The Ashoka tree is twelve times taller.
  •  2)  Floral rainfall: The goddesses are exposed to unconscious flora in an area up to a single stage.  Above the flower and under the stalks, the flowers are spread, which acts as a carpet.  Floral knees are similar.
  •  3)  Divine Sound: Malcolm of the Lord's Country is in a raga that can be heard until the ceremony.  There is also harmonious music along with the harp.
  •  4)  Chamar: On both sides of the Goddess, the gods graze the chamar so that the air comes and worships God.
  • 5)  Throne: The throne on which the Lord sits is made of crystal.
  •  6)  The atmosphere: At the back of the head of Paramatma, there is a divinely illuminated, bright sky that is even brighter than the Sun (12).  It illuminates ten directions in the darkness.
  •  7)  Dev Dundubhi: Bhavan-wide Dundubhi ... This is a musical instrument of the devas.  The glory of the Lord spreads, Yash spreads and declares in such a way ... Here all the three people have come to the Nath.  Religion has reached Nareshwar.
  • 8) Umbrella: The head of the Lord has three umbrellas.  The first canopy is smaller, then the second canopy is slightly larger and the third canopy is larger.  The special influence of God ... You are the same umbrella for all three folk.
     Deliverance of the Lord
  • Awesome samvasaran created just for God.  So is Paramatma attracted by this magnificence? Is Paramatma happy to have such a gentle view? Proud of a concert made of gold, silver, gems? No ...!God bestows His compassion on the mere mortals and gives us true understanding!
     Attaractiion of samvasaran
  •  The glory of the Samvarsana is that the laborer has never seen a vision before this supernatural ceremony where he comes to see God at the feet of the 12 yojan.
  •  The form of Paramatma that is seated in the concert is extremely beautiful.  Even if all the gods put all their passive energies in creating such a beautiful form, even then, Rithankar could not create more elegant form than the toes of God.
  • Paramatma preaches the same language in half and half.  But the Gods, humans and Tyrians present there are all understood in their own language.
     How is the country of the goddess?
  • Paramatma gives the country in ardh magadhi language.All creatures can hear and understand Paramatma's country in their own language. The belief in the religion of the deities is strengthened.
  •  The Sravaka-Sravika embraces the vow and takes 12 vowels. Gathering the heart of Gndhar Bhagwant Paramatma, Shri Agamoni creates. Animals also have knowledge of the breed and adopt the Shravanic religion. The manifestation of the infinite samvasaran of God is harmony.

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