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04 February, 2020

Where is Ashtapad magic mountain, jain tirth ? more details to know

  • Friends today we are going to talk about a mountain that was in the time of God but is not presently found.  From the mountain, Jain's first Tirthankara Lord Rushabhdeva went to Moksha. Yes friends The name of this mountain is Ashtapad shikhar. There are many mountains in India, but the importance of the Ashtapad shikhar is different. If you know, you will love it.So today we have brought about the talk of Ashtapad shikhar. A lot has been written about friends' Ashtapad shikhar, but if you really understand the importance of Ashtapad, you too will be surprised.  So let's get to know more about friends octopus.
  • Ashtapada Tirtha is a mountain on which Nirvana, the first Jain Tithankar, Lord Rushabdev received and is considered sacred to the Jain Temple.  To date no one has been able to confirm its exact location and is now considered a 'lost' pilgrimage.  Ashtapad literally means eight steps which can be eight huge steps to climb a mountain or a chain of eight mountain peaks.  There are five famous places of Jain pilgrimage sites in India. You only get four.  Third.  But efforts are on to find the Ashtapad tirth.
  • Total five tirth of jain religion in india
  • Five tirth is that 1) Ashtapad parvat 2) Sammet shikhar 3) Mount Abu 4) Girnar 5) Shantrunjay.
  • There is two tirth located in Gujarat state, Mount Abu is in Rajasthan, Sammet Shikhar in Jharkhand and Ashtapad is located in Himalay.
  • 24 Tirthnkhar has been done in india and their first tirthankar Bhagwan Rushabhdev' moksha has been done on Ashtapad Parvat.Lord. Rushbhdev was born in Ayodhya nagri.
  • Ashtapad is located in himalay and it is very nice region.There are eight steps to the mountain of Ashtapad, so from its footing it is called Ashtapad Mountain.but currently it is not available, it is almost extinct but till it is find to try.
  • When lord rushbhdev was given deshna, his son king chakravarti bharat asked him, someone's any tirthankar now, Bhagwan said Your son marichi will be 24th Thirthankar in the name of Mahavir
  • Since then king bharat was built very nice temple on Ashtapad mountain of 72 tirthankar included past 24 tirthankars, present tirthankars and coming future 24 tirthnkars.
  • Reading all this information, friends, we too get curious about seeing the Ashtapad pilgrimage and going there, but we do not get the Ashtapad pilgrimage at present, so we are reminded by the name of the pilgrimage.  That is why the Ashtapad Tirtha was the pilgrimage to Lord Mahavir Swami in Jain's twenty-four. And whoever goes back to the Ashtapad Tirtha would be saved. Friends I hope you have liked the information of the Ashtapad Tirtha.  Friends Ashtapad Tirtha was very prevalent till Satyug and people used to visit Ashtapad Tirtha, but gradually, the Ashtapad Tirtha disappeared, but efforts to find the Ashtapad Tirtha are still going on.  Lord Rishabhdev's son built a magnificent temple that was really worth seeing at that time. The devos were also confirmed on the Ashtapad mountain.

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