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31 January, 2020

Where is the oldest university in the world?

  • Friends you may have heard a lot in the university world and gone.  There are many universities in the world but do you realize that there is the oldest university in the world?  Where is this located?  So friends today have to know about it.  Friends The oldest university in the world is located in Bihar state of India and its name is Nalanda University.  Friends you heard right, Nalanda University has a long history and is worth knowing about as well because Nalanda University is the oldest and oldest university in the world.  Every year, visitors to Nalanda University are on the rise and are truly spectacular.  So friends today we will talk about Nalanda University.  Which attracts visitors from around the world.
  • Nalanda University is located in UNESCO World Heritage Site South Bihar.  Considered one of the oldest universities in the world and known as Nalanda Mahavir at the time, its origins date back to the 3rd century.  Nalanda University is considered to be one of the greatest and oldest university in history.  It is one of the oldest epics in India.  The Gupt kings built various monasteries in the old Kusan style of architecture.  Emperor Ashok and Emperor Harshvandhan were also patrons of the university who built a few temples, monasteries and monasteries for the university.
  • Lord Buddha visited Nalanda many times during his lifetime, but the university became popular in the later years when Heen Tsang lived here in the 7th century AD.  The site was discovered in 1915 by the Archaeological Survey of India.
  • The oldest universities and many of the world's largest have come to Bihar in India.

  • Nalanda University was the world's first international university in ancient times in India
  •  The capital of Bihar is 88 km from Patna and 13 km from the pilgrimage center Rajgir.
Nalanda university

  • In this school, students from Asian countries like China, Sri Lanka, Korea and Vigere used to come to study, about 2000 teachers taught 10000 students in different types of learning.
  • Nalanda University was the world's first international university in ancient times in India. During the rule of the fifth century Mauryan dynasty, students of foreign countries used to come to study at Nalanda Vidyapeeth in Bihar today, they still have their remains.
  •  Nalanda Vidyapeeth lived for 12 m century, earlier it spread to 10 kilometer, but during excavation still 1 kilometer has been found.

 Nalanda University is one of the world's ancient universities

Nalanda university
  • In this, people from all over the country used to come to study, Nalanda University has come in Bihar state of India.
  • In this, the students had to learn different types of learning, which included specializations of spirituality, grammar, astrology, logic, mathematics, and versification, Nalanda University had a building of 9 materials and there was also a living arrangement of Buddhist monks.
  • It also has a beautiful museum and it has a collection of items of Buddha time and is worth seeing.
  • So friends you might have guessed that Nalanda University was very popular in ancient times.

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