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30 January, 2020

Nirvana of Lord Mahavir Swami

Nirvana of Tirthankara Lord Mahavir Swami took place in Pavapuri 

  • The Jal Mandir meaning Water Temple, also known as Apapuri, in Pawapuri, meaning a town without sins, is a highly revered temple dedicated to Lord Mahavira, the 24th Thirthankara (religious preacher of Jainism) and founder.  Jain religion, which marks the place of his cremation.  Mahavira attained Nirvana (salvation) in Pawapuri in 528 BC.  The temple has been built inside a tank filled with red coloured lotus flowers. It is said that the temple was built by King Nandivardhan, Mahavira's elder brother.  It is one of the five main temples in Pawpuri, where the "Charan Paduka" or foot impression of Mahavira is deified.
  • The Jal Mandir is built at the place where the last rites of Lord Mahavir Swami were performed.  It gives the appearance of being built inside a lotus lake - a path that leads you to the temple and gives you a beautiful view.  It is said that there was a mad rush to collect ash from the body of Mahavira Swami and even after that last ash was collected, people started collecting sand and there was a demand that a pit be made and thus the lake came into being.  There are also 2 other temples which are very close to the Jal Temple.  Dadawadi and Mahtab Bibi Temple.  The Jal Temple is within walking distance of the inn, but auto-rickshaws are also available.
  • This is where Mahavira Swami achieved Nirvana.  A temple has been erected at this place, and a large inn and banquet are situated on the same premises.
  • In the temple there is Mahavir Swami as the Mool-Nayak, on one side is Rishabhdevabha Bhagwan and on the other is Shantinath Lord.  There is also a delay in the temple in which Mahavir Swami's original ancient footwear is worn.
  •  It is located 38 Kms from Rajgir and 100 km from Patna. There is a white marble temple called Jal Mandir in the middle of a Lake blooming with lotus flowers. The main deity of this beautiful temple is a very old "Charan Paduka" (Foot Wear) of Lord Mahavira. It is the spot where the mortal remains of Lord Mahavira were cremated. 
  • Pavapuri is the ancient city of Magadha country and it is from this that the salvation of God was done on the day of Diwali.
Jalmandir pavapuri
  • As soon as the funeral pyre of the Lord became peaceful, people used to take their ashes with reverence and dig the soil there and this led to a huge ravine there.
  •  Tab his elder brother Nandivardhan has built a huge water temple of Charanpaduka of Prabhu, this water temple is in the middle of the beautiful lake.
  • Friends We will talk about the Nirvana of Tirthankar Lord Mahavir in the twenty-fourth of Jains.  It is known as the Jalmandir and its lobby is made of red color and there is a lake surrounded by water and there is a temple in between.  Which looks extremely beautiful.  Jain Dharmawara and other religions also enjoy visiting this water body.  So friends today we know more about the suburbs.

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