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31 January, 2020

kevalgyan land of Bhagwan Mahavir

 Rujuvalika i.e. the Tirthankara Lord    Sri Bhagwan Mahavir's land of kevalgyan

  • Friends today we will talk to you about the kevalgnan of Mahavir Bhagavan, the tirthankara of the Jains.  It is a different pleasure to hear the words of Lord Mahavir, so today we are going to talk about science. Where lord Mahavir Bhagavan had just been enlightened, there was a really different atmosphere and all the joy was exhilarated.  So friends, the kevalgnan of Lord Mahavir was the visit of the place. Even today, the friends are on the rujuwalika river and many people come to visit and the temple is also magnificent and the seal of God is very elegant.  At first glance, we are delighted. So friends, let us know more about rujuwalika.
  • In ancient times the present Barakar river was named Rujuwalika.  According to Jain scriptures, Lord Mahavir received kevalgyan during the latter part of the auspicious Vijay Muhurta of Vrishna Sukla 10, under a shale tree on a farmer's field called Shyamka on the bank of the Rujubaluka river.  Near a village called Jambia.  God received kevalgyan in the Gaudahan posture there.

Bhagwan mahavir
  • When kevalgyan is revealed to God ... The light goes on in full lock.The gods of the gods experience a distinct joy amidst unparalleled happiness.Every creature in the world experiences happiness and peace.The creatures of hell also experience happiness for a moment.
  • Some teachings of Lord Mahavir: Only by being kind to animals, he gave many sermons.  Some of these key teachings are as follows.  Talking about the first sermon, Mahavir said that the soul loves its life.  So no one wants to die.  No person has the right to protect another animal and to kill another person.  Life improves through the suppression of diseases, vomiting of subjects and the suppression of sensation.  Animal Ahinsa is a great sin and great protection.  Every soul can become a divine being.
  • When became god's kevalgyan, villegers and dev-devios to see their. When becomes kevalgyan, to see all universe. And lord given deshna to people. People become kevalgyan just only hearning them. Kevalgyan means infinity happy. Narki people had become happyness a moment. God lives only people's happyness.
  • There is a small inn and lounge and there is also accommodation.
  • So friends are happy to hear the words of Lord Mahavira's only wisdom? This place is really beautiful.  And the image of God also seems to know that there is a living God and he is blessed by seeing God. The temples there are also wonderful. Mahavir comes to perform Darshan Jainism of God and other religions also come and enjoy darshan. Mahavir comes from many states to see God. It is as important today as it was in Mahavir's time. You too need to visit rujuwalika once in a lifetime.  You too will rejoice in the sight of God. Which is shown in the photo here.
  • Friends, after the kevalgyan of Lord Mahavira, the whole universe appeared and gave many deshna and gave the people the right path.

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