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31 January, 2020

Know the birthplace of Lord Mahavira

Lachhwad, the birthplace of the extreme Tirthankara Sri Bhagwan Mahavir
  • Friends, today we will talk about the birth of Tirthankar Lord Mahavir in the twenty-fourth of Jains.  Friends were the last Tirthankaras in this world and when they were born, a wave of happiness spread throughout the village.  So let's know more about Lord Mahavir's birthplace.
  • The natural beauty on the hill of Lachwad is very peaceful, pure and perfect for sadhana.  Here the ancient delightful idol of Lord Mahavir is very artistic and spectacular.  Only by the sight of the idol do the travelers rejoice.  The temple has several ancient ruins.  They are reminiscent of one of the ancient sites like Kumaragram, Mahankund, Brahmankund, Morak, etc. The two temples below the hill are called Chayavan Kalyanak and Diksha Kalyanak.  The temples on the high hill surrounded by trees and hills are spectacularly magnificent.  There is an ancient bottom temple in Lakhwad.  It has two statues - one made of stone and the other metal.
  • On the Kshatriyakund hill, this is the only temple but at the foot of the hill, there are two small temples. There is an idol of Bhagawan Mahavir in the temple at the birth-place of Mahavir. There is also temple in Lachhavad.
  • The nearest railway station Jamari and Kyub are at a distance 30 kilometers. Kshatriyakund Giriraj is at a distance 5 kilometers from the foot of the hill. Lachhavad is at a distance of 5 kilometers from the foot of the hill. Bus service and private vehicles are available. Boarding and lodging provisions are there.
  • Located in a nice quiet location with mountains in the backdrop of about 40 km from Kakandi and 140 km from Champapuri, Lachwad is the place where you can visit Kshatriya Kund.  Kshatriya Kund is known for Mahavir Swami (24th Tirthankar) ie 3 Kalyanak.
  • About 2600 years ago, the Nath dynasty king Siddhartha ruled in Kundalpur of Bihar, his queen's name was Trishala (Priyakarini).  Nandyavart Palace located in Kundalpur was his residence.  This 7 storey palace was very beautiful.
  • One night queen Trishala saw sixteen dreams serially-Aeravat elephant, Bull, Lion, Laxhmi (being anointed by elephants), A pair of garlands, Moon, Sun, A pair of fish, Two pitchers filled with water, Pond with lotuses, Sea, Throne, Viman coming from the heaven, Nagendra bhawan, A heap of jewels & Fire without smoke. In the morning she asked her husband King Siddharth the meaning of her dreams. He told her with lot of happiness- "O Devi Trishala! Yor are very lucky because the great soul of Lord Tirthankar has come in your womb." Queen Trishala became very much delighted and returned to her palace with her divine lady attendants.
Lachhwad bhagwan mahavir


  • Lachchwad was named Kshatriyakund in Swami's time. Lord Mahavir avir Swami was seated on this holy land for 30 years till his initiation. ahavir avir Swami was seated on this holy land for 30 years till his initiation.
  • The idol of Lord Mahavir in this temple was built by Lord's elder brother Nandivardhan about 2600 years ago in his presence, there is a very grand statue, the temple is still undergoing renovation.

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