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23 March, 2020

1:27 PM

If you do this, dont get stuck in life - Lord Dada bhgwan

Friends, there are many confrontations in your life every day, so what is the solution?  How does a collision stop? How does a collision prevent trouble? The correct explanation is given to dada bhagwan. So guys, let's understand about the collision.

Dadashree says, 'Don't get into any collision, avoid collision.'  If the line gets caught, the joke will go to salvation.  Therefore, dadashree says that if the vehicle of the crossing of the road is the religion of the vehicle or if you get hit, you will die.  Do not clash with anyone.  So practice in such a way but do not get hit. There is always the risk of being hit.

Dadashri gives more examples of 'Avoid collisions', saying that if we walk upright and if the pillars fall in the middle, we have to go again or hit the pillars? If we fall, then we go back, for our happiness. If we get hit, we sound. As dada bhgwan says, in this world some people are like rocks, some are like buffaloes, some are like cows, some are like snakes, some are like pillars, some are folk of all kinds. In it you will not get into a collision.

Dada bhagwan further adds that if a man comes to blows, words are loaded, then we know that there is a collision avoidance.  So we have to move away, it's all collisions.  As you understand it, you will avoid collisions.

Not tolerated, but the solution

Dadashri says avoiding a collision is not meant to be tolerated.  Tolerance and Spring Pressure are the same. How many days will the spring press take? Learn not to tolerate, learn to solve.

It is only our fault that there is a collision

Dada bhagwan says that anything in this world collides, it is your fault, not your fault. So if the wall is hit, then is the wall error or our fault ?. Tell the wall to move, move?  The guilt of the one who is hurt, for the world is like a wall. So for human beings you think it hit me. So you have to understand, not be afraid, like a wall immediately.

Dadashri further adds that when a boy hits a stone and blood runs out, get angry and What do you do when blood falls on a hill and blood is shed? Get angry? No.
What is the reason because the stones are lying on the hillside?  Now that boy is very remorseful or where did this happen to me? That is why dada bhagwan says that one needs to understand.

That is why dada bhagwan says that disagreeing with one another and clashing with one another are both the same thing.  There is no difference between the two.  This wall collides with what it does not see.  And disagreement does not even show that there are differences. No solution is available so there are differences.  What is striking is that we understand that it is the walls.  Then escape. We must follow the law that we do not want to get into a collision.

Friends, you may have realized how we should avoid a collision.  You will find more details about this from

18 March, 2020

4:03 PM

Do you want peace in life? So get it this way - dada bhagwan

Friends, we face many difficulties in life and many disappointments. Then we see why there is no peace in life. So friends have given their key to dada bhagwan.  Which is given by Dadashri 'adjust everywhere'. We do not have to 'adjust' in life, so we face difficulties.  So friends know more about how to adjust to life, from Dadashri's mouth.

Dada bhagwan says that if you want peace in life, you have to adopt 'adjust everywhere'.  There will be some obstacles at first but there will be some peace later. If you do not 'adjust' these days, you will get rid of it.  Dadashree further adds that if nothing else comes into the world, it does not matter but must be adjusted.  The largest religion that 'adjust' to each pair.

Deposit Adjustment

Dadashri says that older people stick to the old fashioned. They should be 'adjusted' by the deposit, otherwise you will be beaten and killed. Dadashree further adds that I have to adjust to the thief, the thief cutter all the way. Don't tell the thief that you're wrong. This is true from their 'view point' but let us explain to them that you are stealing, what will happen to you?

So dada bhagwan makes sense to adjust all the way. Older people get angry at something new in the house and interfere with the house when the young people adjust to their age. So dadashree says that it came infinitely and gone infinitely.  Do not interfere with it.

Citing the example of Dadashri Adjustment, he says, 'No one tells us that you are not wise.  So we should adjust it right away, and tell him it wasn't already. Where did you come to find out now?  You know today, but I know from a young age. ' It is not necessary to search again. In this way, everything has to be adjusted.

Adjustment between husband and wife

Dadashri says that if the husband is late in the house for some reason and the wife says' why are you coming so late, do not taunt me 'and whatever the husband says,' Your word is true, if you say, go back, you  If you say, 'Sit down.' Then the wife says, "Don't go back, sleep here." If you say 'eat or not sleep' when the wife says 'no, eat', then dadashree has given a nice key to 'adjust' in this way.

When a questioner asks Dadashri that if we want to eat Gulabjambu, then the wife makes a khichadi, then the dadashree says that we should say 'make what suits you' while the wife says 'you want to make what suits you' then she says 'make gulabjambu.' So dadashree says that if we already say gulabjambu, it will make a khichadi. That is why dadashree teach his wife to adjust to life in such a way.

That is why Dadashri teaches that to be adjusted, we should adjust accordingly if we have to eat and say, 'No, we have to go out today, go to satsang' and we should adjust accordingly. So Dadashri has got to adjust all the way.

That is why Dada bhagwan says to adjust to life all the time, if people do not want to take adjustments in life, people are saying mental, so they should take adjustments all the way.

Dadashri says that the practice is called its name which is 'adjusted'. So the neighbor also says that 'everyone has a quarrel at home but he does not have a quarrel at home'. Anything can be adjusted with simple men, but it should be adjusted even with skeptical men.

So friends,What a wonderful understanding of 'adjusting' to dada bhagwan, which has a lot of benefits in our lives, If you would like to know more, visit

11 March, 2020

1:14 PM

Who are you really ? Your name is not you - DADA BHAGWAN

  'Who am i'

  • Friends, this is your name, is it really you or is there some other form?  All of you will be treated as if this is my name and I am.  No you really are any other form.  So who are you really?  If it has been given to the Lord Dada Bhagwan, then let us know what the Dada Bhagwan says.

  • Dadashree says if Chandulal is your name then who are you?  Your name and the two of you are different.  Who are you if you are separated from your name?  Dada gives more examples saying that if I say this in my glasses then you should say different with glasses. Dadashree gives even more examples by saying that if the name of the shop is General Traders, then say, General Traders come here?  Shop owners are different inside.  So the name of the shop is different and the owner is different.  But in this, I say that I am Chandulal, so I and I also own the shop.
  • So Dadashree says you are not Chandulal.  From Relative View Point you are Chandulal and from Real View Point you are "Soul".
  • "I am Chandulal" is the belief, the ego is in the sleep but that belief does not go away.  This is the incarnation to know 'who is Himself', that is, the incarnation of human beings is the reason that if you do not examine 'who is Himself' then you wander.
Experiment with separation of Dada Bhagwan's 'I and MY'

  • Dada asks the questioner what things come in MY?  The questioner says my house, my wife, my boys, my watch.
  • Dada says, 'My head, my feet, my body, my ears, my eyes'.  Who am I to say these things when I say these things to you?  Don't think so?  Say 'My Name is Chandulal' and then say 'I am Chandulal.
  • So Dada says 'I With My' his name is jivatma. Jivatma(Man) Dasha, 'I am and this is all mine'.  Paramatma(God) Dasha is called 'I am not mine'.  So there is no salvation by taking 'MY'.  'MY' gets released if I know who I am.  'MY' If released then everything is loose.

Sharpening of body and soul : Gnan Vidhi

  • Dada says that the Gnan Vidhi is the separation of body and soul.  Sharpening of both the Pure Soul and the Pudgal (body).  There is a two-hour experiment of realizing who I am, forty-eight minutes in which separate sentences of soul and spirit are spoken, and they are to be spoken everywhere, followed by an hour of 'five commandments', which is explained in detail, in the next life.  Passing the way so that the new karma is not formed, the old karma is fulfilled and at the same time the focus of 'I Pure Soul' remains.
  • Dada says that the soul is experienced and the dehadhyas (in the body) are released.  Dehadhyas left and karma stuck and stopped.
  • See, Friends, Dada Bhagwan has explained in detail 'who I am'. You will find more information at

05 March, 2020

2:05 PM

God has become in this age too - Lord Dada Bhagwan


  • Friends, you all know that there become God in the Satyuga and there is a God in the Satyug, but in the age of the Kal Yuga it is true.  But friends have become God in this age of light and millions of people worship.  Dada Bhagavan has become a supernatural man who has done for the welfare of salvation for the creatures of today's age. Let us know more about Dada Bhagwan.
Dada bhagwan

    Introduction to Dada Bhagwan
  • Ambalal Muljibhai (AM) Patel was born in Tarsali, Gujarat in India and his father's name was Muljibhai and his mother's name was Zaverba.  Ambalal Raised in the village of  Bhadran. Ambalal credited his mother for his early appreciation of the values ​​of non-violence, empathy, self-indulgence and spiritual penance.  He was also influenced by the writings of Srimad Rajchandra.  He was married to Hiraba and was a contractor business and built a large Jeti.

    How did Dada Bhagavan from AM Patel?

  • Dada Bhagwan's original name is Ambalal Muljibhai Patel, who once waited for a train at Surat railway station in Gujarat, India.  It was evening and it was 1928 and one was sitting.  There was a crowd at the train station.  It suddenly came as a surprise and many people were searching for it.  In an hour, he was seen in the world and all the spiritual questions were answered, from a very young age, the 'Akram Vignan' was revealed to the world as a natural being who had the desire to attain 'Sat'. Sat means indestructible thing. Who runs the world, how the world operates, what is karma, who do we belong to, salvation is the solution to all such questions.  Ambalal Patel's entire ego dissolves and the soul is fully manifest.  And after getting knowledge, Dada used to do satsang abroad.  And in just two hours, the people were enlightened and the suffering of the people was gone.

   Mother taught rites in childhood

  • Dada's mother's name was Zaverba. As a child, Dada entered the values ​​of non-violence, sympathy and nobility.  One day a schoolboy beat up a boy, but his mother taught him to 'beat her up but not kill anyone'.  Zaverba said, "Just think how much that poor boy is suffering from his wounds, and how sad his mother will be!"
    God discovered mathematics in childhood
  • One of his mathematical examples led him to seek God.  "The mathematical miniature was to find the lowest common denominator (the least common denominator) in all the given numbers. That is why they immediately discovered God. These (living beings) are all 'figures'! God is also inseparable and is present in all of them.  It exists as a common indivisible factor. God is in every living being, whether visible or invisible. "
  • Dada refused to wear a ring when he was 12 years old (holy thing on the neck).  And refusing to go to his master with his mother, he told him, "A guru is someone who gives you light. I do not want to wear the ring of someone who cannot give me direct light."  Such were the high cultures from childhood.

   Dada's married life

  • At the age of fifteen he married Hiraba.  Shortly afterwards, Hiraba lost one of his eyes due to infection.  Many years passed and due to a defect in Hiraba people were asking Ambalal to remarry because they had no children.  Ambalal was very clear in his reply: "No! I have vowed to take care of him in the presence of the sacred fire! I will keep that promise till my last breath. Even if both their eyes are lost I will take care of them!"  Such was his deep understanding.  And for the whole of his life he had never quarreled or disputed with Hiraba.
  • Dada lived a very simple life.Despite running a successful business, they used to earn as much dada as they could get in a job!  And the rest of the money was used only for the welfare of the people and told his business partner that he was free to make a profit for the daughter's wedding expenses and his other needs.  He used to take people on pilgrims at his own expense. He never took a single penny from anyone for his personal use.
   Life after Gyan (knowledge)
  • Dada never lived in the world, not even for a moment, and lived for the welfare of the people of the world.
  • And Dada's strong desire that the happiness I had had be found all over the world. Dadapa used to hold satsangs at village,city and aboard and make people feel soul. Dada's Satsang always answered questions as a way to settle questions of the people living in them. Dada was dead in 1988
  • So Friends, Dada Bhagwan appeared to you for this time.  You can find more information about Dada Bhagwan at

02 March, 2020

2:50 PM

Seeing Niagara Falls will not make you want to leave


  • Friends, You have seen a waterfall that combines the waterfall of the three waterfalls and is the most famous waterfall which has the most tourist attractions.  Once you know the details about it, you too can be precise about it, so let's know about it.
  • Niagara Falls, located on the Canada-US border, is the most famous waterfall in the world.  The water of Erie Lake flows into Lake Ontario on this large waterfall, known for its constant volume of water.  The amount of water going to the falls is actually less in winter, while more water is used for hydroelectric power generation.
  • Niagara Falls is actually a set of three waterfalls, made up of Niagara Falls 3 waterfalls, American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls.  The largest part is known as the Horseshoe Falls, which is the second on the American side of the river known as the American Falls and the smallest is the Bridal Veil falls.  A plume of mist from Niagara Falls can be seen from as far away as the CN Tower in downtown Toronto, Canada, on the opposite bank of Lake Ontario. 

  Niagra falls tourist attraction
  • Niagara Falls has long been a popular tourist destination, with many films displaying waterfalls and many bold exhibits in 1990 by renowned Illusionist David Copperfield.  About 30 million people visit Niagara Falls every year.  Many visitors from all over the country come to see Niagara Falls.  Located 30 minutes from the Buffalo Highway and niagara falls, there is a small international airport that is easily navigable, and the waterfall is green in color and enjoyable to watch. The occasional rainbow is also formed in Niagara Falls. It is fun to see it and there are many beautiful hotels near Niagara Falls and the view of the waterfall is also beautiful.

  Where does the water come from?

  • Water flows through rivers and rivers that drain into the Great Lakes, from Lake Suiari to Niagara to Lake Ontario, then across the Atlantic Ocean to the St. Lawrence River.  Water always flows into the sea, the Niagara River flows north.

  Water use of Niagara Falls

  • The Niagara River water is used by a combined Canada / United States population for more than 1,000,000 people, such as drinking water, recreation (boating, swimming, bird watching). The most commonly used for fishing, industrial cooling water supply and hydro-power generation.  Niagara Falls is the source of hydropower, which produces large amounts of electricity.  When the number of tourists is high, the hydroelectric stations in the area turn less water during the summer, which is respectful for the visitors.

  History of Niagara Falls

  • Niagara Falls was created almost 10000 years ago by glacier activity.  Niagara is made up of three different waterfalls.  According to the World Waterfall Database, the height of Horseshoe Falls is approximately 167 feet (51 m) and extends around 2,700 feet (823 m) around the crest;  The American Falls falls between 90 and 120 feet (27.5 to 36.5 meters) and extends to about 940 feet (286.5 meters) on its crest.  Is wide.  Additionally, the average width of the entire waterfall is 3,950 feet (1,204 meters). Visitors to Niagara Falls are on a daily basis and it is another pleasure to see Niagara Falls.  After this information you may have come to understand why visitors are more attracted to this. This American waterfall is something to enjoy.

29 February, 2020

1:07 PM

You will be amazed at the view of the garden by the bay

         Garden by the bay

  • Friends, today I want to show you a garden that is very popular in the world and visitors are increasing daily and the attraction is so much that you would love to see it. Garden by the bay is famous all over the word and it is located in Singapore.
  • In the garden by the bay - full of signature festivals, concerts and movie screenings, sports and community events and educational workshops and school events - the parks attract the most visitors.  You can imagine how beautiful it would be to have more than 50 million visitors to date.  The 101 hectare comprises three separate spaces including two South Gardens, two East Gardens and two Central Gardens.  Garden by the bay has a man-made structure made of concrete and steel frame that includes more than 200 species of plants.  Garden by the bay places Singapore on the international map.  Garden by the bay has won numerous awards.  Flower Dome and Cloud Forest have a great visitor attraction in Garden by the Bay.

            Flower Dome

  •  Inside the flower dome, ever-changing floral displays, including crowd favorites like Tulipmania, Orchid Extravaganza, and Blossom Beats, add a lot of beauty.  Flower Dome has Mediterranean and semi-arid tropical climates that surprise on olive trees, date palms and baobabs with their thick, water-storing trunks.  Meanwhile, Central Flower Field facilitates changing the display of peacocks developed along the season and in 2015 broke the Guinness World Record as the world's largest glass greenhouse.  It is home to five continents of plants and flowers, ranging from a thousand-year-old olive tree to magnolias.

            Cloud Forest

  • Cloud Forest is a landscape full of rare vegetation and dramatic vistas.  Cloud Forest will feature three new enhancements - Secret Garden, Cloud Forest Gallery and Cloud Forest Theater - with a total of nine features in Cloud Forest, including a temperate climate, typically between 1,700m and 500,500m above sea level.  Develops over 3 delicate ferns, carnivorous wheat plants and moisture-loving varieties such as orchids and more than 135 in the basement's Secret Garden  Rajatio and haibrina environment is home to more than 7,000 plant species endangered or near extinction are terrific. Inside cloud forest you will find a man-made vegetation cover of vegetation and a 35-meter-high roller coaster covered by the world's tallest indoor waterfall, and some of the herbs grow in Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia, and other parts of South America and Africa.

            Supertree Grove 

  • It is a garden where you can find several tree-like structures 25 to 50 meters high.  During the day, they provide shade, and at night they come alive with light and sound.

            Marina Bay 

  • It is located in front of the garden.  The magnificent bay of Singapore will captivate you and its aroma is awe-inspiring.
  • Garden by the bay is a nightly adventure and this garden by the bay looks so beautiful with full light.
  • So, you see, friends, it can be estimated that the Garden of the Bay is so enjoyable, you also need to visit the Garden of the Bay.